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Yes, we're doing it again!  Spend your NYE with us in the intimate setting of Jeannette, Boucherie's original home.  Chef Zimet will prepare a 9-course meal, each one paired with Champagne chosen by yours truly.  We're putting the final touches on the menu and pairings and will share it very soon.  You can contact Boucherie directly @ 504 862 5514 to reserve your spot for the early or late seating.  


Caviar, Brown Butter Brioche & Potato TartletWith Deviled Egg Creme Fraîche

Veuve Fourny, Blanc de Blancs Brut 1er Cru, Vertus


Trio of Raw Oysters

Barrat-Masson Fleur de Craie Brut, Viillenauxe-la-Grande


Cured Wild Duck Breast & Savory Sorghum Crispy Treat

Marguet Shaman “12” Extra Brut Grand Cru, Ambonnay


Seared Foie Gras “Dirty Rice” Risotto & Confit Parsnip Pureé

H. Goutorbe Cuvée Prestige Brut 1er Cru, Aÿ


Diver Scallop & Louisiana Citrus

Vazart-Coquart, Reserve Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cru, Chouilly


Charred Hamachi & Kaffir Lime Kosho

Huré Freres,Invitation Brut, Ludes


Seared Wagyu Beef & Steak Frites

Jean Vesselle 2006 Coteaux Champenois, Bouzy


Cheese Course With Persimmons

Etienne-Doué Selection, Montgueux

9th Chocolate

Ayala Rose, Ay

For event details:

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5:30 PM17:30

Holiday Bubblyothèque @ Swirl

We know it's a busy season right now and all our calendars are packed tight with holiday preparation and parties. But, we still need to take time out to enjoy great wine and friends. We didn't want the season to pass by without another Bubblyotheque champagne night at Swirl so we've come up with a new way for you to treat yourself, and learn about some new wines in the process. It can be a quick little treat, too or you can make an evening of it, whichever suits your schedule. You can do a glass, a flight and/or add some food from 1000 Figs or a specially selected cheese plate!

On Thursday, 12/14, we'll be offering a great deal on a flight of 3 new champagnes which, if you so desire, can be accompanied by a special sampler of delicious bites from 1000 Figs chosen to go with them. Of course, if you want to make a meal of it, we are happy make some pairing suggestions for you based on the menu that day and the wines we have open to share with you that night. Casey Foote will be offering a specially selected cheese plate while Michael Knisley will be there to tell you about your flight and talk about the pairings.

We'll be offering the Waris-Larmandier "Racine de Trois", Sabine Godme Blanc de Blancs, and the Gaston Chiquet Rose in the flight and by the glass as well as other champagnes by Deutz, A. Margaine and Etienne Doue. And, if you like them, you can grab a few bottles to take to the next holiday party or serve at your own table for the holiday feast. If you'd like to be sure you get a table, you can reserve your flight at the link below and join us anytime between 5:30 and 7:30 or we can seat walk-ins as space allows.

Reserve your table!

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3:30 PM15:30

Spirit Wines Champagne Seminar (and cheese!)

Bubblyothèque is teaming up with Spirit Wine to bring you all you need to know about choosing the right bottle of champagne for your holiday needs.  They've got a great selection on the shelves and this will help you understand it all.

6 great champagnes, delicious wine from St James Cheese Co, and all that Bubblyothèque knowledge - great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Link to tix:

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5:30 PM17:30

Bubblyothèque Pop-up @ Jeannette

You've been asking for it, and we finally have a date for you.  Give yourself a night of champagne and delicious food from Chef Zimet of Boucherie and Bourrée.  It's a long season of celebration ahead - start it out right.

Champagne by the glass, flight, or bottle, food à la carte.  

Champagnes from:

Pierre Paillard, JM Sélèque, Moussé Fils, A Margaine, Louis Nicaise, Etienne Doué, Marguet, Nowack, Ayala, Jean Velut, and Jean Vesselle.

And the food menu for tonight!


*"Bar Snack": Smoked olives, pickled garlic, fried almonds

*Chargrilled Gulf Oysters w/ preserved lemon butter

*Smoked black turkey crescent tartine w/ rillettes & cranberry

*Scarlet Frill Salad w/ baby root veggies & deviled gribiche

*House-cured wild duck breast "prosciutto" w/ eggplant 

*Brown butter beet tartlet w/ honey sorbet


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7:00 PM19:00

Private In-house Tasting

Tonight, the lucky winner of a silent auction item - a private Bubblyothèque tasting - will enjoy a guided tasting of 5 excellent champagnes with a group of friends.  

Want to arrange a custom tasting, class, or dinner in your house or another venue?  Contact me to discuss the options. 

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6:00 PM18:00

Champagne in the House!

Many people who pursue a passion for wine have a very memorable experience (or several) that are etched in their memories as important eye-opening milestones, moments that sparked something and set them on their way. I was at Pops in Chicago, where I'd been learning more and more about these "new" grower champagnes, and was regular enough by then that some of the staff knew me. One of them had happened upon a magnum of '85 Lanson and brought it in to share that night. They were pouring tastes for the staff and other familiar faces around the bar. I was offered a taste - never had I ever tasted anything remotely like that wine, not only because of the age but because of the stunning level of complexity that was on display.  It certainly tasted nothing like the small production wines I'd been devotedly trying to learn about.  I was a little perplexed though that they were so pleased with wine from a big house, thinking then that only the growers captured their interest. I would learn with time. 

It's no secret that Bubblyothèque is all about showcasing the small growers who are giving us high-quality, small-production wines that reveal small pieces of the terroir of Champagne. But, if you've been paying attention, you know that I have plenty of respect for the larger champagne houses who rely on many growers to provide them the building blocks of wines that still demonstrate a terroir of Champagne, more broadly defined. Certainly, both are necessary parts of how champagne has attained global renown and captured attention for the dynamic approaches of a new generation of growers. But, with their global marketing reach and sales forces, the big houses don't need little old me to spread the word in the same manner as the relatively unknown growers. 

At this tasting, we will look more broadly than usual, sampling wines from larger houses that take great care in their vineyards and cellars to craft exceptional wines.   Big doesn't equal bad, and not all houses are created equal. They typically don't grow all of their own grapes, an important distinction between the large Houses and the Growers. But, the good ones expect their growers to demonstrate a high level of attention and quality to make sure that what goes into the wine behind their widely-recognized labels provides a consistently top-notch experience. Within the larger houses , there is quite a range of scale - 100s of thousands to many millions of bottles per year. When you think about it, it is a truly amazing thing to accomplish on such a scale with something as variable from year to year as wine. Certainly, the champagne terroir and method are essential parts of what makes this possible. 

For this one, we're going big. But certainly don't stay home!

Reservations required, don't delay:  tickets here.

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6:00 PM18:00

Blind Bubbles: Champagne vs Franciacorta

A blind tasting? With bubbly? Sure thing. Some from Champagne, some from Franciacorta. Can you tell them apart? What's the same? What's different? Do you have a preference?

We learn a lot when we rely only on our own senses to assess a wine, without the benefit and bias of seeing the label beforehand. You may be surprised, and you'll definitely learn a thing or two. 

Wines TBD, but we'll be pouring a variety of styles from the two regions. It's not a contest - the only winners are those who sign up to come. Link to tix below!

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6:00 PM18:00

Champagne 101 v3.0

Let's start at the very beginning.....

So, you've heard about the Bubblyothèque champagne classes at Swirl.  Maybe you've read some of the class descriptions and thought "that sounds a little over my head - I just want the basics!"  Well, that's just what we have in store in June.  

I love having a very dedicated group of people who come to my tastings month after month.  It's a true pleasure to share new bottles with people who have been on the whole journey and now have a shared tasting experience.  But, these champagne experts all started at the very first class with me, now 2 years ago.  As you know, I want to help as many people as possible learn about champagne and how to enjoy it and what makes it so special.  I know that wine in general, and champagne in particular, can be a little intimidating if you're just getting into it.  Trust me - I was a total newbie when I got into it, and I definitely remember feeling like I was out of my league.  Some of my favorite moments sharing these wines with people are when it really "clicks" for the first time.

To that end, we're going to re-visit the "Champagne 101" format of the very first class at Swirl.  We'll cover all of the basics you need to know about champagne, through the story and the wines of 5 different champagne houses.  Afterwards, you'll be ready to jump into any of the upcoming classes and feel like an expert yourself.  

Of course, even if you've come to classes before, you are more than welcome to come back.  It is still a goal to continue to open new bottles.  We have been fortunate over the past couple of years to get access to more and more champagne, and that allows us to keep all of these classes novel and interesting, even for the dedicated tasters.  

So, if you've been waiting to jump on the Bubblyothèque train, or it's been a while and you want a refresher (we miss you!), or you just want the champagne and don't even mind hearing me talk about the champagne process for the 25th time - this is the class for you!  

Reserve you spot HERE!

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to Jun 3

Bubblyothèque Swirls Through Champagne

Bubblyothèque will be driving the bubbly bus as Beth, the owner at Swirl Wines in New Orleans, and a group of her customers join me on a 5 day tour of the region.  Lots of visits lined up to take them right to the source and see firsthand just how all that delicious champagne gets made.  Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for updates.  I'll get a special little class/tasting set up one afternoon as well, to take advantage of bottles we can't get here in NOLA.  

Buckle/bubble up!

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5:30 PM17:30

Bubblyothèque Pop-Up - The Return

Did you miss us? We sure have missed you! And, we've heard the repeated "When is the next pop-up?" Not for lack of desire but for very busy schedules between the Boucherie team and Bubblyothèque, we had a bit of an extended break. We know you're thirsting after the bubbles by now, and we're thrilled to pop open some great bottles to share. 

As before, this is a night for you to choose your own adventure. Food is à la carte. Wine is by the glass, flight, or bottle(s). And you know we love to make pairings for you if you want to explore a bit. No need to reserve, no need for tickets. Come early, come late - pre-dinner, for dinner, liquid dessert, make a whole night of it - it's up to you! 

Hope to see you there - bring a friend or two and start your weekend off right! 

Friday's Menu and wine line-up! Food is à la carte and wine is by the glass, flight, or bottle.

From Chef Zimet:

- Charcuterie selections from Bourrée: Speck, salchichon, duck rilettes, pickles, grilled bread and mustard

- Duck bacon, biscuits and gravy, strawberry jam

- Beef and preserved beet tartare, circulated egg yolk, smoked olives, and bliss potato fritters

- Crawfish and carrot terrine with Indian corn grit crackers

- Beef fat french fries with smoked tomato aioli (you knew we wouldn't leave you without any frîtes!)

All of which will go great with champagnes from:

A. Margaine | Nicolas Maillart | Jacquesson | Jean Velut | Paul Clouet | Tarlant

JM Sélèque | Jean Vesselle | Moussé Fils | Bollinger | Pierre Paillard | Dhondt-Grellet

See you there!

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5:30 PM17:30

Bubbly, Birds, & Bivalves!

You love bubbly, right? And you probably love oysters, fried chicken, or both, right? Then come on over to Swirl Wine Bar & Market on Thurs 4/13 for all of the above!

Bubblyothèque will be working with James Moises to bring you a selection of Champagne and sparkling wines from Bizou Wine Buzz that will pair perfectly with fresh oysters from Two Girls One Shuck and McHardy's Chicken & Fixin'

$55 gets you the delicious food and a whole lot of wine (20+). Try them all to figure out which ones go best with which food. 

Tickets required - see link below. Don't miss this one!

Reserve your spot on Eventbrite.

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Bubblyothèque SF
8:00 PM20:00

Bubblyothèque SF

  • 100 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94102 United States (map)
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The Bubblyothèque Roadshow continues - next stop, SF!!

Rejoining with a fellow partner in champagne enthusiasm (countless bottles at Pops back in the day, a visit to the Champagne region, and some memorable tastings through the years), I'll help you understand what made us fall in love with these wines.

This will be a Champagne 101 - we'll drink through a variety of styles to help you gain an understanding of the champagne process and the breadth of styles out there for you to enjoy.  We'll do a classic blend, a blanc de blancs (or two!), a blanc de noirs, a rose and a special vintage bottle.  As always, the focus will be on small producers making high quality wines that are part of a dynamic and delicious time in which to drink champagne.  

In addition to the wine, some champagne-friendly bites will be available.

The line-up:

Agrapart 7 Crus

Jacquesson 739 Extra Brut

Pierre Peters Cuvee de Reserve Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru

Boulard-Bauquaire "Trepail Vielles Vignes" Brut 1er Cru

Cedric Bouchard "Roses de Jeanne - Cote de Val Vilaine" 

Apollonis "Inspiration de Saison" 2008

Paul Bara Grande Rose Brut Grand Cru


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Bubblyothèque Discothèque @ Riddling Widow NYC
7:00 PM19:00

Bubblyothèque Discothèque @ Riddling Widow NYC

Bubblyothèque Discothèque

Come on down to the Champagne parlor as Bubblyothèque joins forces with Riddling Widow on their Tokyo Record Bar night - delicious champagne, Japanese snacks, a DJ spinning vinyl. 

And, we're excited to host winemaker Jean-Marc Sélèque, who will make an appearance early on to get the night kicked off with his excellent rosé champagne.  Swing by at 6:30 to chat with him about what he's up to in Pierry.

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Bienvenue à la Nouvelle Orléans - Part 1.  Grower Champagne from Thomas Calder Selections
6:30 PM18:30

Bienvenue à la Nouvelle Orléans - Part 1. Grower Champagne from Thomas Calder Selections

More and better.  

That is a simple statement that guides a good deal of what Bubblyothèque is all about.  We are fortunate to have a great array of champagnes to choose from here, testament to the taste and vision of the many different importers/distributors in NOLA.   But, as far as I'm concerned, there's always room for improvement.  Part of why I visit the Champagne region each year is to make new contacts with winegrowers and maintain friendships that have formed through the years.  It has been a very important goal from the beginning to get the superb wines these people make into the NOLA market.  A very exciting day occurred in the midst of the lead-up to Mardi Gras - the first container of these champagnes, fresh from France, arrived on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.  As you can imagine, it is with great joy that I am able to present this next tasting to you.  

"Thomas Calder may be one of the most important men in French wine you've never heard of." - Wine Spectator Magazine

Though this is from a few years back, it rings true today.  Thomas is an American expat now based in France as a wine broker.  To peruse his portfolio of wines is to read a list of established wine superstars, right alongside the up-and-coming talents that we should all be excited about.  Spending a couple of days at his home outside Paris late last summer to taste but a small portion of these wines, with James Moises of Bizou Wines and Beth Ribblett of Swirl, was an unforgettable opportunity.  Thankfully, all went well - and tons of new wine for you has come to town.  I cannot wait to share these bubbles with you (and there are even more on the way, from 3 additional producers)!!

We'll taste wine from Barrat-Masson, Bérèche, Guiborat, Marguet, and Louis Nicaise.  Never heard of them?  Only one or two of them?  Excellent - they'll become some of your favorite names soon enough.  Join as we taste a wine from each house and talk to you about why they are so special.  

Reservations required, link to tix: 

Please note:  In the interest of transparency, I receive no financial benefit from any wine sales.  I am compensated a flat rate when doing a class, which is entirely independent from any sales that occur.  I do this for the love of the wine - my opinions I offer at the classes are simply that, my opinions.  I only care that you *do* indeed buy some wine, for your own enjoyment and to show the forces that be that there is indeed a healthy and growing market for excellent grower champagne in this fair city.  Cheers!


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6:30 PM18:30

A Carnival of Grower Champagne Bargains

While the rest of the country moves into the post-holiday period, we're just getting geared up down here. The prolonged holiday season from November through February can put a bit of a pinch on the budget - those costumes and throws can get expensive! With that in mind, we want to make sure you still find a way to work some champagne into the festivities. A champagne-free Carnival just does not sound right. We have a lot of new options (and some old favorites) in the market to bring you and continue to drive home the point that you can find delicious, well-crafted champagne for a good bit less than that supermarket stuff. Join us for a selection of 6 champagnes for under $50, reservations are required.

The lineup:

Vazart-Coquart & Fils Reserve Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cru 

Dhondt-Grellet Dans un Première Temps Brut

Marc Hébrart Cuvée de Reserve Brut

Sylvie Paulhiac-Delalot "Explosion" Extra Brut

Henri Dosnon Brut

Plus one more TBA!


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NYE DINNER - Champagne Prix-Fixe
to Jan 1

NYE DINNER - Champagne Prix-Fixe

If you joined us last year, you know what delights await you. If not, there's still time to make a reservation. An all-Champagne dinner with friends to bid adieu to the...adventure....that was 2016 and say bonjour to what is sure to be the best yet - 2017! 

8 courses, 8 champagnes, $200. Early and late seatings.

Call Boucherie to reserve your spot. 504.862.5514

1st   Cured Black Turkey Charcuterie

Dhondt-Grellet “Dans un Premier Temp” Brut

2nd  Crisp Lamb Sweetbreads Loin Carpaccio, Satsuma & Mehti Leaf 

JM Sélèque “Solessence” Brut Rosé

3rd  Escolar Crudo, Paddle Fish Caviar, La. Citrus

Vorin-Jumel Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cru

4th  Foie Gras Soup Dumplings

Bollinger “Special Cuvée” Brut

5th  Seared Pork Tenderloin, Purple Hull Peas & Prosciutto Jus

A. Margaine “Cuvée le Brut” Brut 1er Cru

6th  Dry Aged Wagyu Beef, Sunchoke, Roasted Chestnut Purée

Moussé et Fils “Terres D’Illite” Brut 2010

7th  Chicken Liver Mousse Brûlée

Pierre Paillard Brut Grand Cru

8th  Red Wine Chocolate Mousse

Jean Vesselle “Cuvée Friandise” Demi-Sec Rosé


Jeannette, our special event space sits inside of the old Boucherie location at

8115 Jeannette Street, NOLA. 

Private, Catered & Special Events.


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Holiday Champagne Tasting at Spirit Wine
7:00 PM19:00

Holiday Champagne Tasting at Spirit Wine

While we firmly believe Champagne should be enjoyed year-round, it is undeniable that it is a treasured part of holiday celebrations.   And we're always happy to open some bottles and share with you, no matter the time of year or day of the week.

To help you keep the holiday spirit rolling, join Bubblyothèque on Tuesday 12/20 for a great line-up of Champagnes at Spirit Wine.  As with other in-shop tastings, in addition to simply enjoying some excellent wine, I'll give you a little bit of background on Champagne and why it's so special.  Then you can tear up the holiday circuit with your Champagne knowledge, secure in knowing you've brought a bottle that your hosts and the other guests will love to drink.  Or, just keep it for yourself to enjoy as a relax and recharge before the next round of parties.

In the line-up for this tasting:

J Lasalle Special Club '07

Drappier Grand Sendree '06

Pol Roger '06 ("Black label")

Dumangin NV Rosé

Lallier Brut Grand Cru

That's 3 top-notch vintage wines, plus a rosé and great all-around classic.  Don't miss this one!  Bring your friends.

Reserve in advance:  Call (504) 309-8744 or email to reserve seats or purchase tickets via Eventbrite.

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6:00 PM18:00

Bubblyothèque Pop-Up @ Jeannette

Tiny Bubbles Thursday - so much better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined!

You survived Thanksgiving and need to treat yourself and fuel up for the marathon of holiday events ahead of you - Champagne is the perfect answer. 

Bubblyothèque is popping up with the Boucherie/Bourrée crew to bring you the holiday installment of the best little champagne bar in town.  And, to make room for some excellent new bottles in the new year, we'll have some great discounts on a selection of your old favorites.  Help us clear out the cellar - limited quantities and when they're gone, they're gone. 

Champagne by the glass, flight, or bottle.  Delicious food from Chef Zimet and his team.  The cozy confines of Jeannette. No reservations necessary, all wine and food is ordered à la carte.  

Bring some friends.  We'll be ready with cups of good cheer and bottles of deserved bubbles.  

Wine and food line-up:


-Jacquesson 738 Extra-Brut

-Jacquesson 739 Extra-Brut

-Philipponnat Royal Reserve

-Paul Clouet “Selection” Brut

-Nicolas Maillart “Platine” Brut 1er Cru

-Larmandier-Bernier “Latitude” Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 1er Cru

-Moncuit “Delos” Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cru

-Jean Velut “Premier Temps” Brut

-Pierre Brigandat Brut 

-Tarlant “Rose Zero” Brut Nature

-Michel Loriot “Meunier Authentique” Blanc de Noirs Brut 

-AD Coutelas Origine Brut



-Crab fat Indian corn grits / shrimp and pancetta scampi

-Toasted almond baklava / chicken liver mousse / roasted persimmon jam

-Caviar / White pepper creme fraiche / crisp

-Grilled Basmati rice summer roll / buttered chickpea purée

-Beef fat French fries / potato purée

-Charcuterie selection from Bourrée

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Bubblyothèque Pop-up @ Jeannette
6:00 PM18:00

Bubblyothèque Pop-up @ Jeannette

The Other B's!!  Bubblyothèque, Bourrée, & Boucherie!  Due to scheduling considerations, we had to move this from the usual date - but now it will be a great way to kick off your Boudin, Bourbon, & Beer weekend.  

Our monthly pop-up Champagne Bar with the crew from Boucherie and Bourrée, in the original home of Boucherie on Jeannette St.

A great selection of champagne by the glass, flight, or bottle along with a wine-friendly array of small plates and charcuterie from Chef Zimet and his team.

No reservations necessary - ordering is à la carte, come when you can, leave when you must.  Make a night of it or swing by before or after dinner for some great wine.


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5:30 PM17:30

Angeline + Bubblyothèque + Champagne Day

Angeline + Bubblyothèque + Champagne Day = Easy as 1...2...3!

Champagne & Oysters.  Happiest happy hour.

I'll be at Angeline during happy hour, where we're presenting 2 great champagnes by the glass along with Oysters - on the half-shell or roasted (with herbsaint butter, bottarga, herbs, cornbread crumbs). 

Then by-the-glass specials on Champagne ALL night long!

Champagne Specials:  

Jean Velut "Premier Temps" Brut $18, Jean Vesselle "Oeil de Perdrix" Brut $21 (5oz pours)

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8:00 AM08:00


Champagne Day will take place on 10/21 this year.  For a special Bubblyothèque event and many others around town, stay tuned.  

See for updated event listings. 

Champagne shouldn't be reserved just for a certain holiday or event, but there's also nothing wrong with giving it a day of its own and raising a glass with friends!

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Bubblyothèque PDX
7:30 PM19:30

Bubblyothèque PDX

Have Champagne, will travel!   

Bubblyothèque is taking the show on the road.  First stop?  Portland, OR.   From the Marne to the banks of the Willamette. 

It's no accident that some of the best sparkling wine in the US comes from around these parts.  And Portland already punches above its weight in terms of availability and knowledge when it comes to champagne.  We'll spend an evening going back to the Bubblyothèque roots - a Champagne 101 is in store, letting you explore the breadth of styles the region has to offer.  Further details (and some special guests) to be posted here soon.  

Drink.  Learn.  Celebrate.  

(Happy to travel to a city near you - drop me a line if you have an idea for an event.)

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