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Bienvenue à la Nouvelle Orléans - Part 1. Grower Champagne from Thomas Calder Selections

  • Swirl Wines 3143 Ponce De Leon Street New Orleans, LA, 70119 United States (map)

More and better.  

That is a simple statement that guides a good deal of what Bubblyothèque is all about.  We are fortunate to have a great array of champagnes to choose from here, testament to the taste and vision of the many different importers/distributors in NOLA.   But, as far as I'm concerned, there's always room for improvement.  Part of why I visit the Champagne region each year is to make new contacts with winegrowers and maintain friendships that have formed through the years.  It has been a very important goal from the beginning to get the superb wines these people make into the NOLA market.  A very exciting day occurred in the midst of the lead-up to Mardi Gras - the first container of these champagnes, fresh from France, arrived on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.  As you can imagine, it is with great joy that I am able to present this next tasting to you.  

"Thomas Calder may be one of the most important men in French wine you've never heard of." - Wine Spectator Magazine

Though this is from a few years back, it rings true today.  Thomas is an American expat now based in France as a wine broker.  To peruse his portfolio of wines is to read a list of established wine superstars, right alongside the up-and-coming talents that we should all be excited about.  Spending a couple of days at his home outside Paris late last summer to taste but a small portion of these wines, with James Moises of Bizou Wines and Beth Ribblett of Swirl, was an unforgettable opportunity.  Thankfully, all went well - and tons of new wine for you has come to town.  I cannot wait to share these bubbles with you (and there are even more on the way, from 3 additional producers)!!

We'll taste wine from Barrat-Masson, Bérèche, Guiborat, Marguet, and Louis Nicaise.  Never heard of them?  Only one or two of them?  Excellent - they'll become some of your favorite names soon enough.  Join as we taste a wine from each house and talk to you about why they are so special.  

Reservations required, link to tix: 

Please note:  In the interest of transparency, I receive no financial benefit from any wine sales.  I am compensated a flat rate when doing a class, which is entirely independent from any sales that occur.  I do this for the love of the wine - my opinions I offer at the classes are simply that, my opinions.  I only care that you *do* indeed buy some wine, for your own enjoyment and to show the forces that be that there is indeed a healthy and growing market for excellent grower champagne in this fair city.  Cheers!